Background to Busby Parish Church

Busby Parish Church was formed in April, 1990 under the ministry of Rev. Iain Campbell.  Before that there had been two Church of Scotland congregations in the village of Busby, known as Busby West and Busby East. These had been linked under the ministry of Rev.Laurence Whitley in 1975. Our current minister is the Rev. Jerry Eve who was inducted in 1998. 

However the history of both churches goes back much further.

In the 1800s Busby was an industrial village with various mills established on the banks of the River Cart

In 1835 a congregation petitioned for a Church  and this congregation was constituted under the United Secession Church.  In 1847 the United Secession Church merged with a similar denomination called the Relief Church, and the Busby Church became known as the Busby United Presbyterian Church. This church later became known as Busby West Church.

In 1843 an incident which became known as the "Disruption" marked the biggest break up of the established Church of Scotland at that time. Over 40% of Established Church Members left the Church of Scotland to form a Free Church.

In 1865 a Free Church Congregation was constituted in Busby and this became known as Busby East Church.

175th Birthday

A summary of the year of celebrations for Busby Parish Church 175th Birthday.

175th Birthday celebrations

A celebration of the laying of the foundation stone of Busby Parish Church

175th Birthday Celebrations 2011

A Special Service to celebrate and commemorate the first service held in Busby Parish Church in May 8th 1836

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