Kwenderana Partnership Covenant

In November, 2009 the following Covenant was signed in all four of the Kwenderana Chruches in Scotland and also in the church at Ekwendeni in Malawi.    



between Ekwendeni congregations, Synod of Livingstonia, Malawi and the Kwenderana Partnership Group, comprising the four Church of Scotland congregations of Busby, Giffnock South, Greenbank and Williamwood, in Scotland.

This Covenant seeks to formalise, by our signatures, our partnership as members of the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ and intends to take it forward by strengthening and building on established links and exchange visits for a period of 3 years, when it can be mutually reviewed.


We recognise we share a Commitment in Faith to:-


*support one another with prayer, treating individuals and community as equals in God's eyes.

*respect our similarities and differences, both culturally and in terms of material wealth.

*sustain, enhance and encourage improvement in the lives of individuals and the community, spiritually and materially to the lasting benefit as well as touching the lives of members of both partnership communities.

We resolve to:-

*maintain regular contact, at least once each month despite any difficulties that might arise so that all partnership congregations are kept informed of progress.

*continue to plan exchange visits to promote ideas and cultural understanding, and to explore other areas of co-operation where these will enhance both communities.

*commence a dialogue between groups in congregations, for example - schools, guilds, girls'/boys' brigades to establish and maintain contact and decide what will be of mutual benefit.

*support one another and encourage the acquisition of skills in areas of Worship, social concern, Christian education, pastoral care and leadership in worship.

Agreement is given by these signatures:-


Kwenderana, Scotland ------------------------------   Chairperson


                                         -------------------------------    Secretary


                                    -------------------------------  Minister (Greenbank Church)


                                    -------------------------------  Minister (Busby Parish Church)


                                    -------------------------------  Minister (Williamwood Church)


                                    -------------------------------  Minister (Giffnock South Church)





Kwenderana, Malawi ---------------------------------     Chairperson


                                 ---------------------------------------    Secretary 


                               ----------------------------------------  Minister (Ekwendeni Church)




On Sunday 16th November, the 5 year anniversary of the signing of the Covenant was celebrated in all the Kwenderana Churches in Scotland and by the Congregation at Ekwendeni.







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