Thoughts for Saturday 12th September, 2020

Psalm 103:8-13; Genesis 45:1-20; Matthew 6:7-15


Saturday 12 September


I think it was in 1982, I was sitting on a Glasgow bus next to a man I didn’t know who was quietly weeping, and so I turned to him to ask if he was okay. And as he turned to face me, he just managed to blurt out between sobs that, ‘Scotland are out,’ by which he meant, ‘out of the World Cup,’ and so I put my arm around him.


In 1990, I remember watching England play in the semi-final that year, and somebody else crying – Paul Gascoigne – who, later on in that decade was never out of either the back or front of our newspapers here in Glasgow.


Coming here to the west of Scotland myself in the early 1980s, I remember being told how rare it was for men to ever display any emotional side at all; and yet I’ve never been convinced that’s true. For even if it is just a game (or only an excuse!), there are actually a lot of Glasgow men who can, and do, have a more sensitive side.


Joseph clearly did – as did his brother, Benjamin; and, in fact, there are scores of men who for all sorts of reasons are reduced to tears in Scripture; including Peter after the third cock crow (see Matthew 26:75 & Mark 14:72), and Jesus who, in two places, is said to weep: Luke 19:41 & John 11:35.


Let us pray:




We cannot pray the Lord's Prayer and even once say "I."
We cannot pray the Lord's Prayer and even once say "My."
Nor can we pray the Lord's Prayer and not pray for another:
To ask You for ‘our daily bread’ includes sister and brother.

For we are all included in each and every plea,
From start to finish, our Lord’s Prayer; not once does it say "Me." 



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